Bearing in mind the comfort of use of furniture and equipment by our customers, in the event of damage or malfunction we provide warranty or post-warranty service. All complaint, warranty and service issues are detailed in the Regulations of sale and service Kazaro Wołoszyn Wiśniewski Spółka Jawna.


A customer who reports damage to the purchased goods in writing during the warranty period is entitled to use the warranty service. Service may be performed at Kazaro's headquarters or at the customer's premises. Each report is carried out individually and as quickly as possible, especially in situations when the damage to the equipment is so serious that it makes it impossible to continue working. An employee of the service and complaints department explains all issues and the scope of the service and, if it is necessary for the service to come to the customer, makes an appointment for a specific day and time. If it is carried out at Kazaro's premises, the employee arranges to pick up the goods via DHL forwarding.


When the warranty on the goods comes to an end, and the equipment fails after this date, we offer post-warranty service. Post-warranty service is provided for a fee on similar terms as warranty service.

Please pay special attention to the furniture, appliances and hairdressing and cosmetic equipment purchased from us. Keeping them in good order and cleanliness, constant maintenance, care and use in accordance with their purpose will make them fulfill their function and look good for a long time.

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