Lamis 810 nm diode laser

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This is a medical device - Use it according to the instructions for use or the label


Lamis 810 nm diode laser

The 810nm diode laser is a medical device dedicated to hair removal and photorejuvenation treatments thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.

The 810nm diode laser is characterized by a number of unique features that distinguish it from similar lasers of this class.


Efficient technology that allows for an above-average number of pulses - 25,005,000 along with a pulse counter counting down the remaining pool to be used.
a counter informing you of the upcoming head replacement deadline. The first message will appear when 100,000 pulses remain and will appear every time the laser is restarted.
a reliable, effective and efficient cooling system that maintains a comfortable temperature for the patient. The cooling foot enhances the safety of the procedure, as it protects the epidermis from overheating, and additionally increases patient comfort by significantly reducing sensation.

The 810nm diode laser is prepared to work with up to 200 J, which is an excellent confirmation of the use of the highest quality components. Durable and issue parts used in the laser make the device very resistant to malfunctions.
The ergonomic shape of the head and its light weight provide comfort for the operator. The head uses a special band to protect the head from falling.
large treatment spot of 12 x 15 mm.
A long cable connecting the head to the laser is also a convenience for the operator.
The comfort of performing the procedure is also increased by the goggles. They use filters that capture laser radiation, but do not darken the image. The operator sees the finest details in sharpened contrast.
Polish menu and intuitive interface.
The treatment menu is divided into 3 main treatment programs:
  • FHR - designed to remove hair on large areas, such as legs, back.
  • HR - for hair removal on small areas or hard-to-reach areas.            
  • SR - photorejuvenation function for the face, neck and décolletage.
Each treatment program has 3 memory folders where we can save the most frequently used parameter settings.
the frequency adjustment range from 1 to 10 Hz allows very fast work, which reduces the time of treatments.
the use of a monochromatic beam of a precisely defined length allows for precise absorption of energy by melanin located in the hair bulb, which makes treatments so very effective.
The treatment power is adjustable from 1 to 100 J. Typically, no power higher than 70 J is used when performing treatments.


Origin Korea
Diode power 500 W
Beam length 808 - 810 nm
Energy 1 - 100 J/cm2
Pulse duration 3 - 900 ms
Spot 12 x 15 mm
Frequency 1 to 10 Hz
Pulse count 25 005 000
Additional features Photorejuvenation
Cooling Up to -16*C
Head protection Wrist band
Work programs FHR, HR, SR
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