LUNA X PLUS PURE cosmetic bed with heating - White

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LUNA X Plus Pure cosmetic bed

LUNA X Plus Pure cosmetic bed is the latest model of cosmetic bed in Kazaro's offer.

Application of the LUNA X Plus Pure cosmetic bed

  • massage parlors,
  • beautician offices,
  • beauty salons,
  • SPA.

Such a wide application is possible because Luna X Plus Pure is equipped with three electric actuators, which provide simple adjustment in the following planes.


  • bed height adjustment,
  • adjustment of the backrest,
  • adjustment of the footrest.

Information about LUNA X Plus Pure cosmetic bed

Controlled by a handheld remote control.
The bed has an innovative and comfortable heating function. Heating makes the heat distributed over the entire surface of the bed, and the client does not feel cold or chilly during the treatment being performed. This function can be easily turned on or off from the remote control.
The X-shaped base fits perfectly into the oriental decor.

The outer part of the bed base is covered with high-quality natural wood plywood in light oak color.
The soft and pleasant covering of the chair allows you to fully relax and give yourself to a professional without any worries. The material used is high-quality skai, which is easy to clean. The overall mattress gives the highest comfort to the patient during the procedure.

The bed is equipped with a hanger for disposable paper.

Additional service:

It is possible to order a cosmetic bed with upholstery with medical hygienic certificate.


Length 198 cm
Width 76 cm
Height 62-96 cm
Length of base 126-144 cm
Width of base 63 cm
*Parameters may contain minimal differences the limit of error is 2%.
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