5-in-1 cosmetic device

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Cosmetic device 5in1

The 5-in-1 cosmetic device has a wide range of functions that will expand a salon's offerings. 

Features of the device:
Diamond microdermabrasion;
Cavitation peeling;
Heat/cold heads.
Treatment information:
The device offers the possibility to perform a cleansing treatment, thanks to the cavitation peeling and microdermabrasion functions, which cleanse the skin and stimulate epidermal regeneration. In cavitation peeling, we have three types of ultrasonic waves at our disposal. Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, is equipped with 9 heads of different gradations, which allows us to perform treatments on the face and body. 
The cosmetic device allows you to perform a treatment using radiofrequency waves, which have a rejuvenating effect. Radiofrequency is responsible for the stimulation of superficial tissues and those deeper in the skin, affecting their proper oxygenation and nutrition. 

Ultrasound, or sonophoresis, is responsible for introducing active ingredients deep into the skin. In addition, it provides a deep micromassage of the skin, through which cells are activated. Ultrasound therapy is non-invasive, completely safe and gentle.
The technology of the hot/cold head, allows you to perform a facial massage. Warm massage is responsible for shrinking pores, promoting blood circulation, accelerating absorption of nutrition, boosting metabolism, eliminating toxins, removing bags under the eyes and removing wrinkles. Cooling massage leads to shrinking of pores, improves skin elasticity, reduces swelling and smooths wrinkles.


Working frequency: 1MHz
working power from 1~10 gears:

Radio frequency:
operating frequency: 250 KHz

Diamond Dermabrasion:
The highest suction power is -0.07~-0.072MPa and the lowest suction power is -0.05~0.055MPa.

Cavitation peeling:
Working frequency: 26 KHz


Voltage 230 V
Output frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 60 W
Base width 37 cm
Base depth 31 cm
Base height 16 cm

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