Cosmetic chair Niko F with a swivel function

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Niko F treatment chair with heating

The Niko F treatment chair is a completely new version of the Niko chair, which has been equipped with new features. What's more, Niko F is one of the few with 4 electric actuators for simple and comfortable adjustment.

Adjustable treatment chair:

height adjustment,
backrest adjustment,
footrest adjustment,
adjustment of the chair cradle.

Information about the treatment chair

The Niko F treatment chair has a unique button that allows the chair to return to the sitting (starting) position. In addition, the new Niko F model has been supplemented with a "memory" function that allows you to program your most frequently used positions.

The foot control panel and the built-in panel are illuminated. The selected color can be programmed. A handheld remote control is included.

The treatment chair has the option of quickly removing the armrests or turning them 190 degrees. When the armrests are removed, we have no problems with protruding pivots.

The height of the headrest can be adjusted manually, in addition, it has a blinded opening for the face to allow body treatments. The Niko F cosmetic chair is equipped with a head cushion, which is attachable.

The chair's footrest is extendable, which makes it possible to quickly extend the leg support section.

The soft and pleasant cover of the chair allows you to fully relax and give yourself to a professional without any worries. The material used is high-quality faux leather, which is easy to clean and provides full comfort during use.

The stable column of the chair's base makes the structure suitable for a load capacity of about 200 kg.

Niko F treatment chair has a rotation function - 240 degrees

*Please note that the cosmetic armchairs, due to their design, are not suitable for performing classical massages. In order to select the appropriate model, please visit the cosmetic beds tab or contact the sales department.

Chairs in upholstery with hygienic certificate are prepared on individual order.


Seat width 62 cm
Overall width with armrests 82 cm
Seat depth 45 cm
Seat height 58-89 cm
Maximum height with cradle 112 cm
Length in reclining position 187-209 cm
Base 98 by 63 cm
*Parameters may contain minimal differences the limit of error is 2%.
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