Cosmetic chair COSY Plus black

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Cosy Plus cosmetic chair

The Cosy Plus cosmetic chair is characterized by its simple shape. It has a very comfortable, soft mattress. Due to its black finish, the armchair will complement the decor of avant-garde, modern style salons.

Cosy Plus cosmetic armchair is equipped with smoothly working electric actuators controlled by a handheld remote control. The footrest is controlled manually. Cosy cosmetic chair provides simple and comfortable adjustment in three planes.

Adjustability of the cosmetic chair:

-adjustment of chair height,
-adjustment of the backrest,
-cradle function of the chair.

Information about the cosmetic chair

Cosy Plus cosmetic chair has a wide headrest with an additional soft cushion under the head, which will provide comfort to the client during the treatment. The base of the chair from the side of the headrest is shortened, which translates into the possibility of maximum sliding with a cosmetic stool "under the backrest" of the chair during work, so the chair can be used during eyelash styling, permanent makeup or facial care.

The chair has the ability to remove the armrests thus reducing the distance when working from the side of the chair, or in a small office where every centimeter of space matters.

Additional service:

It is possible to order the chair with upholstery with medical hygienic certificate.


Seat width 63cm
Seat width including armrests 85cm
Seat depth 48cm
Backrest length 53cm
Height of headrest 26cm
Length 194cm
Max height 87cm
Min height 61cm
Cradle function YES
Base width 108cm by 57cm

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