Cosmetic chair Niko Deep Blue with a swivel function
2825,24 EUR

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Cosmetic chair Niko Deep Blue with a swivel function

NIKO is a cosmetic chair that is perfect for face and body treatments. The chair, as one of the few, has 4 electric actuators, which ensure simple and comfortable adjustment.

The NIKO Deep Blue cosmetic chair is made with a special top-quality upholstery, the abrasion rate of which is 300,000 cycles. The upholstery is resistant to abrasion, all kinds of dirt, and does not absorb blood during the treatments. Moreover, the upholstery is resistant to UV radiation and low temperatures.

The cosmetic chair can be adjusted:

- height adjustment,
- backrest adjustment,
- footrest adjustment,
- seat cradle adjustment.

Product advantages:

- pull-out headrest;
- backrest and footrest adjustment;
- chair rotation function by 150 degrees;
- 190-degree reversible armrests;
- foot control integrated in the base of the chair;
- heating function;
- the function of returning the chair to the starting position - "reset".

Seat width:62 cm
Overall width with armrests: 82 cm
Seat depth:45 cm
Seat height:58-89 cm
Maximum height with cradle:112 cm
Length in reclining position:187-209 cm
Base:98 by 63 cm
*Parameters may contain minimal differences: the limit of error is 2%.