Cosmetic chair Angel with heating function

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Cosmetic chair Angel with heating function

The Angel  is a response to the needs of salons with a small interior, while maintaining maximum comfort for both the person performing the treatments and the client.

The cosmetic chair can be adjusted:

- height adjustment,
- backrest adjustment,
- footrest adjustment,
- seat cradle adjustment.

Product advantages:

- pull-out headrest;
- backrest and footrest adjustment;
- 190-degree reversible armrests;
- heating function;
- the function of returning the chair to the starting position - "reset".


Seat width 59 cm
Overall width with armrests 81 cm
Seat depth 45 cm
Seat height 60-90 cm
Maximum height with cradle 130 cm
Length in reclining position 180-195 cm
Base 96 by 71 cm
*Parameters may contain minimal differences the limit of error is 2%.

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