MediTab treatment stool - Sapphire

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MediTab treatment stool - Sapphire

Treatment stool with modern and ergonomic design in light gray color. Made of high quality materials and strong, soft-to-touch organic leather. 

Treatment stool features: 

Three-function adjustment of the stool allows comfortable work for many hours: adjustable backrest tilt, seat tilt and seat height with a handle located under the seat and obtaining the so-called cradle. 

MediTab treatment stool has a stable five-star base on casters, which are finished with soft plastic, making the stool quiet. The padding and shape of the seat make several hours of work imperceptible. 

MediTab Sapphire cosmetic stool is made of special upholstery of the highest quality, which has an abrasion rating of 300,000 cycles. The upholstery is resistant to abrasion, all kinds of dirt and does not absorb blood during procedures. In addition, the upholstery is resistant to UV radiation and low temperatures.


Seat height 45-56 cm
Seat width 41 cm
Seat depth 41 cm
Backrest width 38 cm
Backrest height 22 cm
Base diameter 60 cm
*Parameters may contain minimal differences the limit of error is 2%.
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