Ultrasonic cleaner

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Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic washer easy to use for quick cleaning of small tools found in cosmetic and hairdressing salons such as clippers, hooves, knurls, scissors, tweezers, as well as dental tools.

The KAZARO washer is extremely effective in cleaning the most intricate tools, while not causing mechanical damage.  The washer has a built-in digital display and a stainless steel tank. Its modern shape was created to allow cleaning of both smaller and larger elongated instruments.
Using a disinfecting liquid (adapted to ultrasonic washers), we act in two directions: disinfect and mechanically clean. The use of an ultrasonic cleaner is a prelude to the sterilization process using an autoclave.

The set includes: 
-plastic container, 
height: 16cm;
width: 27cm;
length: 17cm;
voltage: 220 V;
frequency: 50 Hz;
power: 36 W;

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