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The 4-in-1 Multi Tower device is a multifunctional professional beauty treatment device. The segment is a stand-alone device to be combined with the MULTI TOWER multi device. 

Device functions:

MICRODERMOBRAZION - involves mechanical abrasion of keratinized epidermis with a special diamond tip under high pressure. By moderate removal of the upper horny layers in its basal layer, there is a more intense formation of new epidermal cells. As a result, this method has been widely used in skin rejuvenation, correction of wrinkles and scars, elimination of hyperpigmentation, skin cleansing and elimination of acne lesions. After the procedure, it is recommended to use active preparations containing vitamins, revitalizing and regenerating substances, which penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate cell metabolism. The effects of microdermabrasion are visible already after the first treatment. The skin becomes smoothed, tightened and acquires a healthy color.

CAVITATION PEELING - with a force of 20,000 Hz is a modern technology for painless cleansing of the face, hands and back. It is a device that is mainly used for skin cleansing procedures through ultrasonic peeling. It is designed for very sensitive, delicate and thin skin, prone to irritation and dilated blood vessels. As a result of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, cell metabolism increases, all calcifications are broken down, blood circulation is accelerated, removal of unnecessary metabolic products increases, various enzymes in cells are activated. Removal of impurities, dead cells is carried out safely and quickly. 

ULTRADISCATION - ultrasound therapy is a massage of the deep layers of the skin, stimulating blood circulation, lymph flow, stimulating cell metabolism. It prevents excessive accumulation of fatty lumps - resulting in the "orange peel" effect. 
Ultrasound treatments smooth out unevenness and sagging of the skin, caused by uneven accumulation of fat cells in areas of cellulite. The treatment is performed with a head, emitting acoustic waves inaudible to the human ear. They induce a change in pressure in the cells, which produces a massage effect. They break up the fat cell envelope, which causes the fat to be released. It leaks out of the cells and is taken into the blood and then excreted through the work of the kidneys. Through the use of ultrasound, the body better absorbs nutrients and gets rid of toxins. 
The treatment can be accompanied by the introduction of anti-cellulite preparations, using ultrasound. Thanks to the thermal effect acting as anesthetic and relaxing the muscles, the preparations better penetrate the skin, improving its elasticity. The ultrasound treatment should end with a manual massage, enhancing its effect.

COLD & HOT HAMMER - a cold and warm head used to prepare the skin before a procedure. It is worth using the cold head to anesthetize the skin before procedures such as eyebrow adjustment, treatments to increase the elasticity of blood vessels. With the warm head we can influence muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels and dilation of skin pores thanks to which the absorption of active substances used in the treatment increases.


Voltage 230 V
Output frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 75 W
Base width 33 cm
Base depth 28 cm
Base height 10 cm

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