Cosmetic chair MEDICO II PLUS with heating white
1827,15 EUR

This is a product for professional use - Use it in accordance with the instructions for use or the label

Cosmetic armchair Medico II Plus with heating

The Medico II Plus cosmetic chair is a comfortable chair that is great for both facial and body treatments.

Adjustability of the cosmetic chair
The chair, as one of the few, has 4 electric actuators that provide simple and comfortable adjustment:

-height adjustment,
-adjustment of the backrest,
-adjustment of the footrest,
-adjustment of the chair's cradle.

Information about the cosmetic chair

The Medico II cosmetic chair has seat control buttons on the side of the seat and on the back under the backrest of the chair, giving you the ability to control while working. It is possible to purchase a foot control.

A huge advantage of the cosmetic chair is the heating function, which will make your client comfortable.

The headrest of the Medico II cosmetic chair has a blinded opening for the face to allow body treatments. In addition, it is possible to adjust the extension and change the angle of the headrest, adjusting it to the patient's needs.

It has the ability to quickly remove the armrests or turn them 180 degrees, so the patient can easily get on and off the chair.

The soft and pleasant cover of the chair allows you to fully relax and give yourself to a professional without any worries. The material used is high-quality skai, which is easy to clean. 

The stable column of the chair's base makes the structure suitable for a load capacity of about 150 kg.

*Please note that cosmetic armchairs, due to their design, are not suitable for performing classical massages. In order to select the appropriate model, please visit the cosmetic beds tab or contact the sales department.

Additional service:

It is possible to order a chair with upholstery with medical hygienic certificate.

Seat width:59 cm
Total width with armrests: 85 cm
Seat depth:55 cm
Height of seat:66-98 cm
Maximum height with cradle:128 cm
Length in reclining position:187-210 cm
Base:109 by 56 cm
Weight:92 kg
*Parameters may contain minimal differences: the limit of error is 2%.